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Monday, August 31, 2009

Join Neo Bux

This lens is all about neo bux, the brand new innovative Paid To Click site that is currently revolutionizing the whole PTC market. Compared to other PTC sites like or Adbux for example, NeoBux offers some great features like extremely fast payments, referral renting, daily jackpots and extremely low minimum payout limits.

The Basics

What is a so called PTC site?

Ok, first of all some words about PTC sites in general. A PTC site is an online service where you get Paid To Click. On such a site different advertisements will be shown, which you, the PTC site member, have to click and watch for some seconds. After the time frame is over, usually around 10 to 30 seconds, you get paid. Not much, only some cents for each ad, but it adds up the more ads you click, especially on a daily basis.

Most times you can also earn from members you have referred to a PTC site. Say you have invited your friend to join a PTC like
Neo Bux for example, whenever he/she clicks an ad, you'll get paid too. Imagine the income potential with with many referrals...!

What is NeoBux? What can you earn?

What you can expect from joining NeoBux

So, Neo Bux may look like any other PTC site that's around the net today. There are maybe several hundred of such sites, some of them are real good money makers, but most of them are scammy sites that only want your money. But, by looking further into the details, NeoBux looks very professional and has some fresh and nice new features.

As a standard member on NeoBux you will earn at least $0.01 per ad ($0.015 for extended view), the same goes for having a golden mebership, except you'll earn $0.02 for an extended ad view. Compared to other PTC's, this is a common amount of money that is paid for viewing a single ad.

You can also earn from members you have referred to this site. For each referrals ad click, you'll get $0.005. If you have the golden membership, you will earn $0.01 plus 10% of all the purchases made by your refs. Especially those 10% can bring you a decent amount of money. With my 220 referrals I make around $5 from these 10% alone, sometimes over $10 per day! But please notice that you have to click at least 4 ads per day (9 ads as a golden member) in order to receive the full amount of clicks all your referrals do each day!

Let me give you an example of possible earnings. If you have a Golden membership where you click 10 ads a day and you also directly refer 150 active members who only click an average of 3 ads a day:
You win $7.50 per day that translates to $225 per month. Now, try to multiply that for a year! Please note that you also have the chance to rent extra referrals, the above example is only based on your direct referrals!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

join cash mail today and join it now...

The process is amazingly simple. Once you create a free account (only 1 account / member), you can start clicking on links we provide. You will view the advertised website for at least 30 seconds. Your earnings will automatically be deposited into your account! Once you reach $20 000, you can withdraw your earnings by Check, LibertyReserve, e-Gold, AlertPay, PayPal and money booker..